Friday, October 24, 2014

Tintype Family Portrait Day

Denver’s Tintype portrait day was a little while ago, and it’s never late to share a little bit of this marvelous experience. It’s an anual event organized by the Colorado Photographic Arts Center to give people the chance of having their portrait taken in the old fashion way. I had the privilege of been invited to the Arts Student’s League beautiful building, as part of the three collodion photographers making wet plate collodion portraits, to share with community this marvelous alchemist process.

A painting classroom converted into collodion processing lab for three photographers

Jacqueline Webster, Dennis Russell and myself shared one of the painting class rooms converted into an effervescent collodion processing lab, with people avid for getting into the world of hand made photography. It was, no doubt a great experience working side by side with these two fellow artists and a lovely, super friendly group of sitters.

Very grateful with an excellent group of sitters

It was a very long day, exhausting and rewarding, and the most important, with hope in the near future. Looking that many people coming after these old processes where things are made by hand, one by one, with tools and patience, make me think there’s still a chance for new generations to get in contact with craftsmanship, to understand we can make things by ourselves, with our hands, away from main streams. That may makes us free.


It was a real Wet Plate Collodion Family Portrait Day

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